ICA offers up cultural films this season

Fans of film staying in Montcalm London hotels may be interested in catching the “directorial rediscovery” of Finnish filmmaker Teuvo Tulio at the ICA.
Opening today (December 16th) and running until December 22nd, the “lost masterpieces” will explore the work of the unique artist.

“Celebrated as a national treasure in his homeland, the films of Finnish director Teuvo Tulio are tragically unseen and unknown in the UK,” commented the venue.

Ideal for foreign film lovers in central London hotels, the famous cultural centre is located just a short distance from Charing Cross station on The Mall.

The ICA has been given access to new footage by the National Audiovisual Archive in Finland, which allows it to showcase four of the director’s seminal works.

“Expressionistic montages, fast-cutting, an obsession with kittens and sailors, searing close-ups of wild eyed women desperate to escape the social constraints and taboos of their time, this is a cinema of high romance and impassioned yearning,” remarks the venue.

In addition to this, the ICA is running series of touring talks until January 12th that will see curators, artists, critics and other leaders of culture share their unique perspective on exhibitions and the state of cultural production in the UK today.

Closing the series of talks, artist Joao Penalva will enlighten audiences on January 12th.

Visitors can also enjoy a range of classic films by Werner Herzog, such as Aguirre: The Wrath of God from December 23rd to January 7th.

“Herzog is one of the few filmmakers truly deserving of his visionary label,” explained organisers.

“As a Christmas treat, the ICA is delighted to be screening the brand new restoration of his iconic Aguirre: The Wrath of God.”

The director has over 50 projects to his name and continues to create groundbreaking films and documentaries, such as Cave of Forgotten Dreams and the forthcoming film Into the Abyss: Tale of Death, Tale of Life.

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