Irish art comes to 12 Star Gallery

A varied exhibition of art works from across Ireland comes to London next month, organisers have announced.

Launched to coincide with the St Patrick’s Day celebrations, Art from Ireland will be held at the 12 Star Gallery from Monday March 5th until Friday March 23rd between 10:00 GMT and 18:00 GMT.

Curated by Barbara Stanley, the exhibition features a diverse range of painting from artists such as Margaret Egan, Monica Boyle, Jimmy Lawlor and Philip Lindey. There will also be a selection of sculptures from Padraig Reaney, Orla de Bri and John Beehan.

Art lovers staying in luxury hotels in London next month will have the opportunity to view the works of various indigenous Irish artists with differing artistic styles and approaches.

Monica Boyle’s work is characterised by a preoccupation with the architectural spaces inside Fort Camden, which overlooks Cork Harbour.

Her paintings attempt to capture the shifting atmosphere of the region’s dramatic and turbulent landscapes, using various layers of transparent glazes and thick pigment.

In many of Margaret Egan’s work, there is a strong sense of the mood and atmosphere of Inis Meain.
“I have always been intrigued by people and landscape and exploring the endless possibilities of the relationship between the two,” Ms Egan said.

“The places that people inhabit somehow retain their energy and it’s interesting to try to capture a moment in time when one influences the other.”

Jimmy Lawler, who is often referred to as the Irish Dali, uses surrealist themes in his work. He takes a fantastical approach to familiar Irish anecdotes and explores his surroundings, mixing it with the local people in their own natural habitats doing what they do best.

“In their own way they have helped create the environment about them, whether they be farmers, business people, students or otherwise,” Mr Lawlor said.

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