Is There Any Real Difference Between Tourists and Travellers?

Are you a traveller or a tourist? This little question is turning out to be a big debate between two very similar but distinct groups of travellers, I mean tourists, no travellers, wait a minute. Let’s see what people think is the real difference between these two groups –

Solo Traveller

• Some say that travellers are much more prepared than tourists. They do not believe in relying on others to pamper them, so are ready to face adverse situations much better than tourists.

• Travellers explore the real side of an attraction or a city, by exploring on their own, while tourists rely on tour buses and organised trips to visit the most known attractions.

• Tourists travel more luxuriously than travellers. They enjoy their holiday by staying in expensive or comfortable hotels and eat out at the best restaurants. On the other hand, those who brand themselves as travellers, hunt for the cheapest hotels, eat at cheap cafes and outlets, basically trying to save money to make their trips longer.

• A traveller will be the one who is avoiding clicking pictures of a famous building from a conventional angle. They will try to find something out of the ordinary or something ‘undiscovered’ about an attraction, while a tourist would like to click a postcard photograph of an attraction. Basically both are trying to capture the moment, but in a different way.

• Another difference can be based upon the duration of the stay. Those who stay for a weekend or 4 days are usually considered tourists, who came to a famous city, stayed in a nice hotel close to all the attractions, saw everything famous, clicked pictures, went shopping and went back home. While those who spend a lot of time in a place, discovering it and experiencing its true culture by giving it apt amount of time is popularly termed as a traveller.

The real difference is just in the things you do and who you are. You can call yourselves anything you like, the only thing that matters while you are on a holiday is that you have fun and make it a memorable trip, no matter how you do it.

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