Join the world’s biggest pillow fight in London

If you're looking for something fun and somewhat unusual to do in London then you might want to consider visiting the city on April 5th, as that's when the world's biggest public pillow fight will be taking place.

Organised by the Urban Playground Movement – which has gained a reputation over the past for years for its truly excellent flashmob events – the feathery fights will be held to mark International Pillow Fight Day, with similar activities occurring across the world.

Indeed, people from Chile to China and from Alaska to Australia will be taking part in this annual extravaganza, although the biggest and best of all the fluffy fracas is set to be held in the very heart of the British capital.

The action gets underway at 15:00 in Trafalgar Square – which is just a short stroll or tube ride away from the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch – where thousands of people are expected to turn out for what is sure to be a truly memorable afternoon.

There is no set finishing time for the pillow fight, so it will just keep going until everyone runs out of energy and decides to use their pillows for their more conventional use and taking a nap to recharge their batteries.

If you are planning on attending, do bear in mind that this is intended to be a fun and peaceful event, so try not to get too aggressive. For example, participants are urged not to hit anyone who doesn't have a pillow themselves, or who is holding a camera.

The Urban Playground Movement also insists that only soft pillows may be used, and is counting on people not to swing too hard. For your own safety, it's recommended that you remove things like glasses before entering the pillow fight.

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