Journey inside the Large Hadron Collider at the Science Museum

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which spans 17 miles and sits underneath the Swiss-French border, is among the most significant and audacious scientific projects ever to be undertaken – and anyone who wants to learn a little more about it can do so by taking a trip to London’s Science Museum.

That’s because a special exhibition dedicated to the LHC is currently on show at the famous venue, and will be running until the beginning of May next year.

As many people know, this huge and immensely impressive apparatus works by smashing particles into each other at incredibly high speeds, with scientists hoping to recreate the conditions that existed at the moment of the Big Bang. In doing so, it is thought that many of the universe’s greatest mysteries can be unlocked.

So, if this sounds like it might be of interest to you, then the Science Museum has the perfect exhibit for you, with the display aiming to give an insight into how scientists operate the enormous machine, generating extreme temperatures and accelerating particles to almost unimaginable speeds.

The exhibition also contains a number of other fascinating artefacts detailing the history of atomic research, including the apparatus with which JJ Thompson discovered the electron and the accelerator which Cockroft and Watson used to first split the atom.

On top of this, the Science Museum is home to a wonderful permanent exhibit, which features objects used in space exploration – including real-life satellites, lunar landing modules and other capsules.

If visiting with young children, be sure to visit the Launch Pad on the top floor, where you’ll find a number of interactive tools and games that are great fun to play with while also giving youngsters an introduction to the way that physics works. It’s the perfect place to spark your kid’s imagination and interest in science.

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