Last chance to enjoy da Vinci exhibition

The Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the Buckingham Palace ends next week so anyone hoping to see the show needs to act quickly.

Many of da Vinci’s drawings and sketches on human anatomy are in display at the Queen’s Gallery and are a must for fans staying at montcalm hotels London.

However, da Vinci enjoyed little recognition for his anatomy research during his lifetime despite the amazing quality of the pieces.

Alastair Sooke, writing for the Daily Telegraph, explained that the drawings were never recognised by medical practitioners because the polymath failed to put them in an official paper.

“Had he published the treatise on anatomy that he’d planned, Leonardo would be considered one of the great scientists of the Renaissance – if not all time. But because he never managed to do so, his anatomical drawings essentially disappeared from view for hundreds of years – which meant that they had little impact on scientists of a later age,” said Sooke.

He added: “What a curious thing: to dominate a field so thoroughly, and yet for the fruits of your research to wither into oblivion for almost four centuries, before blooming back to life.”

There is also a special app available for visitors who have access to iPads or iPhones. It contains a number of interviews with da Vinci experts, the complete text of the show catalogue as well as all of the anatomical drawings and interactive 3D anatomical models featured in the exhibition. The app costs £9.99 and is available to download via the iTunes store.

Entry for adults to the exhibition costs £9.25 for adults, £4.65 for children and those under five are admitted free of charge. The show closes to the general public on October 7th.

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