Leonardo da Vinci exhibit coming to National Gallery

A rare collection of landmark Leonardo da Vinci works is coming to the National Gallery in London from November 9th through to February 5th.

Art lovers are expected to flock to luxury London hotels to look at the legendary Renaissance man’s work.

The display concentrates on da Vinci’s career as a court painter in Milan, showcasing some of his few surviving paintings.

At the court he worked for the city’s ruler Ludovico Maria Sforza in the 1480s and 1490s.

The exhibit is a rare collection of almost every surviving painting done by da Vinci during this period, making it a priority date for every serious art lover.

Over 60 paintings and drawings will go on display, including the Portrait of a Musician, the artist’s only work with a male subject.

Additionally, visitors will be able to take in the portrait of Saint Jerome, which is now owned by the Vatican, and the Lady with an Emine, a celebrated portrait of Sforza’s mistress Cecilia Gallerani.

Belle Ferronniere will be shown alongside Virgin of the Rocks, an elaborate sculpted alter.

A full-scale copy of da Vinci’s the Last Supper by his pupil Giampietrino will go on display as well as 33 sketches and studies borrowed from the Royal Collection.

Born in Vinci in Tuscany, da Vinci was trained in Florence by sculptor-painter Andrea del Verrocchio.

He moved to Milan around 1482 and remained there until it was invaded by the French in 1499.

Da Vinci then worked in Florence, Milan and Rome, before settling down in Amboise France until his death in 1519.

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