London 2012 Olympics could provide F1 venue

British drivers are backing the idea of an F1 race at the Olympic Park.

Both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have added their support to the idea that a London Grand Prix could be held at the Olympic Stadium as part of the world championship competition.

Although there is some doubt that there will be enough financial backing within the sport for the idea, many of the top drivers believe that London would be the perfect venue to introduce alongside the existing British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It would certainly be ideal for those F1 fans who want to take in a race while enjoying London hotel deals.

“It could possibly be one of the best Grands Prix of the whole year, so I’d definitely support it,” said Hamilton.

Meanwhile, his fellow McLaren driver Jenson Button added that he was pleased with the idea.

“I’d have 20 British Grands Prix… sorry the rest of the world but I’m patriotic… You are only going to get positive comments from me when it comes to British Grands Prix,” said the driver.

F1 figure Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that many of the bidders for the Olympic Stadium have discussed the London Grand Prix concept with him. He told the Daily Telegraph that one of the firms has suggested a scheme that could see the sport come to the venue and race around the stadium.

Ecclestone added: “They wanted to make sure I would be interested.”

It has been suggested that the cars would pass through the arena before taking in the rest of the Olympic Park.

London has seen F1 racing in the past, with a special event held in the Regent Street area and close to half a million people watched many of the sport’s leading drivers race around the capital’s West End.

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