London celebrates Scott’s voyage

History buffs and culture vultures staying in central London hotels this January can enjoy an array of exhibits and talks celebrating the 100th anniversary of Robert Falcon Scott's ill-fated polar expedition.

Organised by the Royal Geographical Society, the diverse programme of exhibits, talks, collection showcases and other events are ideal for those at top hotels in London.

Running from January 16th through to March 20th 2012, visitors can enjoy the free exhibition With Scott to the Pole: the Terra Nova Expedition at the Royal Geographical Society's Pavilion.

"Captain Scott's doomed expedition to the South Pole is remembered in this anniversary year, as
recorded by the expedition photographer Herbert Ponting," explained the group.

A selection of books, maps, artefacts and archival material will appear alongside photographs at the Sir Clements Markham and Polar Exploration showcase from January 9th to 16th.

Exploring how expeditions are planned and mounted, the Antarctic Exploration showcase will introduce audience members to the famed adventures of Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen.

Items will also be on display, including original copies of the South Polar Times, which served as Scott's "in-house magazine".

Be Inspired Event: The Emergence of the Inlandsis on January 13th will see photographer, writer and researcher Jaean de Pomereu detail the explorations, scanning and drilling of Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets that had been blank spots on maps.

Additionally, Be Inspired Event: The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott on February 17th features Scott's own photographs taken during the Terra Nova expedition.

These rare artefacts will be introduced by David Wilson, the great-nephew of the doomed voyage's chief of the scientific staff.

Finally, March 26th will see The Great White Silence, boasting still and "moving" imagery of Herbert Ponting, Terra Nova's official photographer and film-maker.

"Jan Faull, British Film Institute curator will introduce the recently digitally remastered
version of his 'great Antarctic masterpiece' and provides a commentary on the technical and aesthetic challenges which faced the photographer in what was an alien environment," commented the group.

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