London hosts Horrible Histories

The popular books and TV series of Horrible Histories has proved a big hit in 2012 and now the concept has been adapted for the London stage.

The production is being performed at the Garrick Theatre in the capital and visitors staying in central London hotels have until February 2013 to see the show.

Barmy Britain focuses on the history of the country and features all the famous battles, gore and grime – all the things young kids love!

“Amputation, stinky fish guts and hanging feature heavily in this stage-spinoff of Deary’s books and the kiddy-Bafta-winning TV series,” explained Caroline McGinn in a review for Time Out.

“It’s putrid panto time as two talented presenters take us from the Roman invasion to drone warfare with sing-alongs along the way.”

The show follows British history from the Roman times to the First World War and looks back at the Tudor, Stuart, Georgian and Victorian ages.

There are plenty of famous figures depicted in the stage production such as Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Guy Fawkes, Florence Nightingale and General Earl Haig.

“It’s heartily enjoyable and loudly appreciated,” added Ms McGinn.

“By the end, Britain seems not so much ‘barmy’ as barbarous, bloodthirsty and stark raving bonkers.”

Each show is about an hour so ideal for youngsters and tickets cost from £10, with performances from Thursday through to Tuesday.

The original Horrible Histories books were written by Terry Deary and Peter Hepplewhite and the books have also been made into a popular TV show of the same name, making complex historical ideas more accessible for younger people.

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