London target for world’s fastest man

Sprinter Usain Bolt has suggested that the city of London could see him break the current 100 metre world record.

Last week, the Jamaican ran the distance in 9.76 seconds and with several more weeks of training to go before the London 2012 Olympics begin, many are predicting a impressive performance from the athlete.

Bolt has already told reporters that he is keen to become the first man to run 9.4 seconds and go under 19 seconds in the 200 metre sprint as well.

"I'm at about 80 per cent now so I'll go home, work on my technique, work on my strengths and get to 100 per cent. Then maybe those times are possible," Bolt said.

He added: "I want to be a legend, and this Olympics is the one to make it. It's London, it's central, it's where everybody is watching. London, New York, Dubai… those are the cities where people take notice. It's important that London is the place where I stamp my name on history."

The runner also explained that he is keen to enjoy all that London has to offer this summer and will be staying in the Olympic Village in order to keep close to his team-mates as well as taking advantage of the facilities within the Olympic Park.

London 2012 begins on July 27th with an opening ceremony at the newly-built Olympic Arena in the east of the capital. For those staying in central London hotels that have been unable to get tickets there are a number of special large screens being erected in parks across the city to ensure that no-one misses out on the atmosphere or the action of the Games.

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