London Transport Museum courts tourists

Public transport is so ubiquitous with London that the famous double-decker red buses and the Underground have become synonymous with the city, which is why tourists may be interested in attending the London Transport Museum.

Located in the heart of Covent Garden, ideal for visitors staying in Montcalm Hotels London, the museum offers the chance to explore the history of the iconic transport systems of the city as well as gain a glimpse into its future.

History buffs can delve into the Victorian transport system, which was transformed in 1829 when a new type of horse-drawn cab was invented that could navigate London’s twisting streets and led to the creation of the first “hail and ride” bus system.

The museum then moves on to displays and talks on the development of the Underground, the world’s first, with construction beginning in 1860.

People can see full-scale reproductions of the earliest Tube trains, which sported dark wood panelling and dark green cushioned seats.

Important developments such as the arrival of the car and bus as well as the growth of the city’s suburban areas are also charted with walk through exhibits.

Additionally, visitors can learn about the conditions on the London Underground during the Second World War, which saw thousands of Brits make use of the deep tunnels as night-time shelters from bombing raids.

The aesthetics of London transport are also explored, with views on its impact on fashion and design as well as an exhaustive collection of posters from all eras.

“The black cab and red double deck bus are iconic symbols of London. They are recognised across the world,” comments the museum.

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