London’s first ‘cat cafe’ is on the horizon

If you’re an animal lover then you’ll find lots to keep you entertained in the capital, with attractions like London Zoo, the Natural History Museum and much more offering some fantastic opportunities to learn about wildlife, past and present.

However, nothing quite beats snuggling up to a furry friend, which is why there has been so much buzz lately about the forthcoming opening of London’s first cat cafe.

This is a concept that has existed in Asia but is yet to take off in other parts of the world, and involved coffee shops offering customers the chance to have a hot drink while being surrounded by resident cats, which they can stroke, cuddle or simply look at.

Located in the trendy area of Shoredtich, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is currently under construction, and while no fixed opening date has yet been announced, feline lovers across the capital are keeping a close eye on its progress.

Before the venue can be opened to the public, however, the cats must first be given a settling in period to allow them to adjust to their surroundings.

Once this has been achieved, however, the feline fun will begin, so if you’re a fan of cats and like the idea of being able to play with them while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee then this is certainly somewhere you think about visiting once it’s up and running.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium will be providing a home for rescued cats, with every possible step being taken to ensure the wellbeing of the animals themselves, so guests can rest assured that the project is helping to improve the quality of life for its four-legged residents as well as its two-legged guests.

The cafe itself is also being designed to ensure that the cats have everything they need to live a happy life, and there will be certain designated areas where humans are banned, so that the animals can relax on their own if they so please.

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