Luxury London dining tips for visitors

Visitors hoping to sample some of London’s best culinary delights have been advised to get off the beaten track.

Richard Harden, co-editor of Harden’s Guides, which produces pocket guides to UK restaurants, said it’s best to avoid the most obvious eateries.

“Obvious restaurants are usually obvious because either they’ve spent all of their money on buying the most prominent site, or because they’ve invested a lot of the money in marketing and therefore the actual product isn’t being prioritised.”

He added: “You used to be able to say there weren’t any good restaurants on main streets in London. That’s not quite true any more, but it remains a pretty good guide.”

Mr Harden advised tourists to wander down side streets when looking for places to eat, or to use the internet or a guide book for ideas and tips.

“One simple rule is to avoid obvious tourist hotspots and don’t take the first most obvious place. In London you’ll do particularly badly if you do that,” he remarked.

Of course it depends what you’re looking for, as visitors to London often have different priorities, and while some will be looking for the best quality food, others will be more interesting in the surroundings and the “razzmatazz”.

Mr Harden said it’s worth doing a little bit of research ahead of a stay in London to narrow down your options and help you make informed choices.

The annual Foodies Festival in Battersea Park could be a good place to start, as it will be bringing together many of the capital’s top chefs to cook up a storm for visitors.

Top London restaurants will be serving up taster potions of their signature dishes, so you’ll be able to sample their food before you book a table.

The event will be taking place from July 29th to 31st, so food lovers only have a few weeks left to book luxury accommodation in London if they fancy attending.

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