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London is one of the most famous and celebrated metropolis of the world which is not only one of the most economic capital of the world but also one of the most royal and culturally rich cities of the world. Every year millions of tourists from all across the world visit the city because of its charm and elegance which is unique and mesmerising. From palaces to world famous museums to royal parks, London is one city which is a wonderful mix of being a great royal country with places that you would love to visit. The city oozes out luxury from every corner, be it the hotels, restaurants, cafe or the famous tourist attractions.

They say while in Rome do as the Romans do, similarly when in London stay as the Englishmen do, stay at the unique and luxury suites in London and get the best treatment like you would if you were royal English. You can enjoy at these suites and then step directly into the royal galleries and museums of the city, the city has some great museums to offer like the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Britain, Natural History Museum, the Sherlock Holmes Museum which is a great hit amongst the tourists from all across the world. Rightly called as the city of Sherlock and Harry Potter, London is a great hit amongst the people from all across the globe.

Suites at The Montcalm London Marble Arch
Owing to the huge number of people travelling to the city, the city has a large number of hotels to accommodate the needs of the travellers visiting the city. One can find luxury Suites in London located right near the city’s royal palaces which is one of the biggest reasons why they attract a great number of tourists. When you stay in these suites, you can easily catch a glimpse of the royal palace and if you are lucky then any royal member as well. One can always find the hotels near Buckingham Palace full with guests all throughout the year and similarly near the Tower of London.

Hyde Park is also one of the most important areas of London and one can find some great comfortable and luxurious suites in London in and around the Hyde Park area. The area is a great hit amongst the tourists because of greenery and peace. You can visit a lot of other places like the Thames River, Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, etc.

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