Make the most of London on a Boris Bike

Cycling has been on the up in the UK for a number of years, with professional athletes like Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome leading the way in the velodrome and in the Tour de France.

Because of this, the nation’s appetite for bicycling, both as a sport and a mode of transport, has soared in recent times, and a great deal of money and effort has been put into satisfying this craving.

Among the most popular initiatives is the advent of the so-called Boris Bike scheme, which allows tourists and locals to hire public bicycles from docking stations throughout central London.

Anyone thinking of visiting the capital may therefore want to consider taking advantage of this as a way of seeing the city’s major sites, rather than getting around on other forms of public transport such as the tube or buses.

After all, cycling above ground as you make your way from landmark to landmark is much more pleasant than being stuck in a tunnel beneath the streets, and also enables you to see more of the city as you travel.

To use a Boris Bike, you will first have to register for an electronic key, which works in a similar way to an Oyster Card in that you will have to scan this each time you take a bike out from a docking station.

Boris Bike

For a cost of just £2, you can enjoy access to the bicycles for a full 24 hours, while a week of city cycling costs as little as £10.

The way the scheme works is that bicycles can only be used for 30 minutes at a time, and if you go over this you may be charged a small penalty fee.

However, if you’re planning on seeing the sites of central London you should find half an hour is plenty of time to get from one point of interest to another, and once you’re done with one bike you can simply take out another, giving you a further 30 minutes of free cycling.

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