Massage is the cornerstone of spa treatments

Visitors to luxury spas in London have been told that a good massage is the “cornerstone” of a successful treatment.

Raison d’Etre, a spa consultancy firm, has said that massages account for 60 to 70 per cent of all treatments and is the primary service sought by guests to spa hotels in London and beyond.

“Massage is the sharing of touch. On the surface it is just a touch, but the effects of this touch will affect the person receiving the massage on a deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. A good caring massage penetrates right into the depth of their being,” explains training director Isabella dos Santos.

Ms dos Santos stressed that it requires a lot of training to be a successful and effective masseuse and practitioners must be “in tune” with the body they are working on.

The expert compared a good massage to a conversation, involving a two-way conversation of “giving and taking”.

Visitors to spa hotels in London may find that that their experience differs depending on who massages them and what techniques and procedures they use.

“It takes two to three days to train in one massage treatment. At Raison d’Etre we devote one to two weeks of massage training, for Swedish, sports and aromatherapy massage,” commented Ms dos Santos.

“Sometimes our client is reluctant to invest in this training as it is time consuming, but when we explain the rationale and what it means to the revenue and how quickly this investment is paid back, they normally change their mind.”

Montcalm hotel boasts one of the best spa and wellness facilities of all the top hotels in London.

Men and women can receive a variety of massages, including Swedish, aromatherapy, hot stone, deep tissue, Indian head, zen shiatsu, reiki and reflexology treatments.

Additionally, visitors can pamper themselves with the five star hotel’s sauna, steam room and monsoon shower – which pours out 50 litres of water per minute at any temperature desired.

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