Met police call for ticket resale regulation

The Metropolitan Police’s specialist ticket fraud unit has stated that there should be greater legislation introduced around the resale of tickets to gigs and sporting events.

Operation Podium was set up to look into the ticket fraud surrounding last year’s Olympics and looked into online activity for other events as well.

The report compiled by the unit suggested that self regulation is not enough and claimed that government intervention could help.

This has long been a debate, especially in the music industry, with some music bosses believing a profit cap on the resale of a ticket could work in the future.

Chris Wolstenholme of Muse backed the proposal, stating that further intervention is “absolutely necessary”.

“There’s too many areas to be corrupted. I think it’s something that has to be cracked down on. It’s simply not fair on fans,” he remarked.

While he believes that any regulation is still “a few years away”, Wolstenholme hopes that a system can be put in place that “completely eradicates” the market for secondary ticket selling.

Last year, however, Justin Bieber’s promoter Rob Hallett told BBC’s Newsbeat that he was in favour of self-regulation because other action would unfairly treat people that genuinely buy tickets and then find they can’t go to certain gigs.

This report comes after the number of complaints about online ticket fraud increased in recent times.

Indeed, Action Fraud received over 7,000 complaints from consumers, which was a marked increase on the 600 complaints.

With a plethora of events taking place in London every day, there is a risk that people will fall victim to some form of ticket fraud.

So make sure that when you stay in one of the many Montcalm hotels London for a gig, you buy tickets from the original sellers.

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