Montcalm London Marble Arch staff to begin using Google Glass

The Montcalm London Marble Arch has always been committed to offering the very best service to guests, and in keeping with this ethos, it has recently been announced that staff at the five star accommodation provider will soon begin using Google Glass technology.

Having been released in the UK in June, Google Glass remains in its prototype stage, but the hotel has already decided to give its guest experience managers training in how to use the new technology in order to improve the level of service they are able to provide.

Google Glasses
Google Glass is essentially a pair of glasses that act as a smartphone, with the lenses themselves being a screen that sits around 2.5 cm in front of the wearer’s eyes. By using the new equipment, staff will be able to remove a number of barriers that traditionally separate guests from hotel workers.

For example, wearing the gadget will enable employees at the Montcalm London Marble Arch to provide assistance to all guests from anywhere in the hotel, without having to be behind a desk or by a computer screen in order to access information.

What’s more, they will be able to maintain eye contact with guests at all times, and will never have to look down at a screen during a conversation, all of which is likely to contribute to a nicer experience for all concerned.

It is hoped that Google Glass will be used at the hotel to enable staff members to assist guests by providing them information regarding London’s top attractions, restaurants, transport advice and other key tourism essentials.

The hotel is of course located right in the heart of the capital, and is within walking distance of key landmarks such as Hyde Park, Oxford Street and many of the West End’s finest theatres.

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