Museum of London celebrates Olympics

As the start of the Olympics approaches, many museums across the capital are putting on special exhibitions to celebrate the sporting event.

The Museum of London has a new display that looks back at the last two times the capital has hosted the Games in 1908 and 1948. Of particular focus is the stories of althletes who travelled from remote countries to compete in the London Games and achieve success for their nations.

The Museum of London is also continuing its Londinium 2012 event that includes a substantial update to the museum’s Roman collection and examines the links between London in Roman times and the modern city of today.

Londinium 2012 is also part of the London Cultural Olympiad and will feature a number of rarely-seen Roman items including a bust of Hadrian which was found close to the River Thames.

The exhibition will run until 2014 and admission is free. There are also free gallery tours that could appeal to history buffs enjoying hotel accommodation in London.

In addition, the Museum of London will host the World Union of Olympic Cities (WUOC) House during London 2012. It is the first time that the WUOC will operate from one site and will allow the countries who have hosted the Games in the past, or are set to in the future, to come together to discuss best practices and the legacy of the Olympics.

“We are delighted to welcome the WUOC this summer. As the Museum of London reflects upon the historical significance of the London 2012 Olympic games there is a strong resonance between us and the World Union of Olympic Cities which studies the impact of the Olympic Games on host cities,” explained the interim director of the Museum of London, David Spence.

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