Museum offers unique theatre experience

The London Transport Museum is the venue for a new interactive theatre experience called Project X.

In no way connected to the movie of the same name, Project X is surrounded in secrecy but does promise a unique experience for those enjoying stays at Luxury Montcalm Hotels London.

The live theatre event takes place within the museum as well as the surrounding streets of Covent Garden and audience members are actively encouraged to become part of the show.

Organisers have explained that the performance is a mix of “part game, part show, part experience. Project X is an interactive immersive theatre experience…which means, it’s a play that you get involved with. You have to solve clues, find characters and walk around”.

Tickets cost £30 each and also include entry to the London Transport Museum, which usually costs £13.50.  Each show takes around two hours and will be performed every weekend until November 4th between 10am and 4pm.

Anyone wanting to experience Project X is advised to book in advance as the show is only performed in front of two groups of 15 people so availability is limited.

London has seen a rise in events designed to entertain and involve audience members in 2012. In June, Future Cinema’s secret screening of Prometheus proved very popular with visitors and the September Grease production also attracted more than 9,000 people.

The idea behind the secret cinema events is to provide more than just a screening of the movie, instead people are asked to dress up and stay in character while on the specially created sets.

It is expected that more secret cinema and interactive theatre events will be held in the capital during the coming months to meet the increased demand for such unusual experiences.

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