Music will complement Games

Organisers are keen to stress that music will provide a background to the sporting events at London 2012.

There are a number of plans to feature music at many of the sporting venues during the course of the Olympics but officials believe that it will complement the action rather than overshadow it.

Spectators will be treated to special compilations of tracks including the official London 2012 song Survival, which has been recorded by British band Muse. In addition, organisers will have a library of 2012 different tracks to pick from based on five themes – energy, prime time, extreme, heritage and world stage.

“What we want to do is to work with the crowds and build up the atmosphere,” explained London 2012 director of sport Debbie Jevans.

“Of course we will respect the integrity of each sport: this will enhance not replace or overshadow. It’s about the way we present sport, to inspire people to take part but also entertainment for the spectators.”

Another major entertainment development for the Games is the introduction of special in-ear commentary, so that crowd members will have access to expert opinions about the action.

Meanwhile, London 2012 chief executive Paul Deighton also confirmed that there are still tickets available for some of the events, so those staying in Luxury London hotels during the Olympics may still be able to be part of the amazing atmosphere.

“There are still a couple of million tickets left and we would encourage people to chase them up. Those with tickets will have a once in a lifetime opportunity,” stressed the chief executiv

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