National History Museum looks for donations

Guests in Montcalm Hotels London visiting the local attractions may want to lend a helping hand to the Natural History Museum which has launched its I Love Dippy appeal.

Perhaps the world-famous museum’s most iconic feature, the large Diploducus skeleton in the central hall, Dippy is the centre of the site’s bid to renovate the space.

“I remember the first time I walked into this wonderful hall, I saw bits of dinosaurs – in fact I saw more animals than I had ever dreamed about,” commented Sir David Attenborough, pointing out that the hall hosts specimens of world importance including some brought back by Charles Darwin.

“The museum is now embarking on an ambitious campaign to revitalise this Central Hall,” the wildlife expert added, revealing that £8.5 million is need to breathe new life into the space and urged people to donate money.

“If you love the museum this is a wonderful way to show your support.”

Fist opened to the public in 1881, the museum welcomes nearly five million people each year.

Michael Dixon, director of the museum, said: “The Central Hall has changed many times in 130 years and now we want to put even more of our fantastic specimens on public display.”

Comedian Ricky Gervais chimed in with his support, commenting: “Science and nature were my first real passions, I wanted to know everything about the world, so I went along to the Natural History Museum. Dippy, he’s there, he’s lost a lot of weight.”

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