National Theatre unveils 13

Theatre lovers may soon look to book rooms in Montcalm London hotels to catch a new production at the National Theatre, 13.

Set in London, across the city, different people wake up from an identical, terrifying dream.

“At the same moment, a young man named John returns home after years away to find economic gloom, ineffective protest, and a Prime Minister about to declare war,” explained Visit London.

“But John has a vision for the future and his ideas inspire an increasing number of followers.”

The author, Mike Bartlett, already won critical-acclaim with his production of Earthquakes in London.

“Set in a dark and magical landscape of singing pensioners, fanatical atheists and imminent apocalypse, it depicts a London both familiar and strange, a London staring into the void,” added the group.

The Guarian has praised 13, awarding the unique presentation with four out of five stars.

A home to many great shows, the National Theatre is also home to The Veil, which tells the tale of rural Ireland in 1822 and the defrocked Reverend Berkley.

The former clergyman arrives at the crumbling Mount Prospect House to escourt 17-year-old Hannah to England, who is tormented by haunting voices.

“An atmospheric and haunting tale of lost souls,” praised the Evening Standard.

The Times joined in, awarding The Veil with four stars and commenting: “A haunting mixture of old mysticism and modern dilemmas.”

Guests can see shows in the National Theatres three theatres the Olivier, Lyttelton and Cottesloe, with different performances presented in each daily.

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