Navigate you way around the Old Street Roundabout

Old Street tube station, which is on the Bank branch of the Northern Line, is one of the most popular stops on the Underground, largely because it provides access to so many different areas of the capital.

However, many people struggle to navigate their way out of the station itself, due to the fact that it sits underneath the famous Old Street Roundabout, and has so many exits to choose from.

Emerging from the tube and ascending onto the street can be a little disorienting for those who aren’t familiar with the area, as there are a seemingly endless number of directions you can head in, and many visitors often find themselves going round in circles before they finally figure out which way they need to go.

St. Charles roundabout at Trafalgar square
The best thing to do when leaving the station is to pay attention to the roads and the directions that are listed by each of the station’s eight exits. For example, if you want to head towards Hoxton or Shoreditch – both of which are among the city’s top nightlife spots – then you’ll need to find the exit that leads onto Old Street itself heading east.

If, on the other hand, you’re on your way to Clerkenwell – where you’ll find a number of trendy cafes and excellent pubs – then you’ll need to leave the station via the exit that leads onto Old Street heading west.

Angel is another of London’s most vibrant areas, both during the day and the night, thanks to its excellent selection of shops, restaurants, bars and pubs, as well as the O2 Islington Academy. Although it has its own tube station, it can also be accessed on foot in about ten minutes from Old Street, from the exit that leads to City Road heading north.

Taking City Road in a southerly direction, meanwhile, will gain you access to Moorgate and Bank.

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