New Estuary exhibition set to open up in London

The Museum of London Docklands will be playing host to a special new exhibition from next month.

Entitled Estuary, the works bring together pieces from 12 artists that have all been inspired by the outer limits of the River Thames, where it collides with the sea and ultimately becomes it.

It also marks the tenth anniversary of the Museum of London Docklands, which is a converted Georgian warehouse on West India Quay.

Docklands Museum
The exhibition will be looking at London’s ambivalent relationship with the wilderness on its doorstep. Using the river to mediate the city’s history – as well as touching on current debates surrounding the future of the estuary – this new exhibition presents people with some brand new artwork, alongside historical material.

With its dramatic landscape of desolate mudflats and salt marshes, vast open skies, container ports, power stations and seaside resorts, the estuary has long been a rich source of inspiration for artists of all sorts.

Through the mediums of photography, painting and printmaking, the artists featured in this exhibition will offer new insight into the compelling environment surrounding the area, as well as the people that both live and work there.

Among the artists featured are William Raban, Stephen Turner, Michael Andrews, Jock McFadyen, Peter Marshall and Nikolaj Larsen.

Looking around the exhibition is absolutely free so those staying in one of the many The Montcalm Hotels London could find this an absolute bargain on their weekend away.

It will be running at the museum from May 17th, all the way through until October 27th, so people have got plenty of time to catch the display.

People will find they can easily get to the museum as it is situated a short walk from the Canary Wharf Tube stop.

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