New fanfare to make Jubilee debut

A new trumpet fanfare has been composed to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Written by Wing Commander Duncan Stubbs, the piece will be performed by RAF musicians at a special thanksgiving service at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, while members of the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force will line the steps of the cathedral.

The piece is 50 seconds long and has been composed to take into account the acoustics of the large building including its unique echo.

“A fanfare is just basically a glorified hello – I don’t want to diminish it – but the main factor for this one is that St Paul’s Cathedral has got a reverberation time, an echo, of nearly nine seconds,” said Mr Stubbs.

He added: “So anything written specifically for it needs to have a little bit of space. So what I’ve tried to do, hopefully successfully – we’ll see, is add a bit of space in there so the music can be allowed to ring through the cathedral.”

Mr Stubbs, the RAF’s principal director of music, also composed the fanfare Valiant and Brave that was used during the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton and the same musicians who performed at the marriage ceremony will take to the stage at St Paul’s next month.

The new fanfare is called Jubilate and will make its debut on June 5th in front of members of the royal family.

St Paul’s is one of London’s most recognisable buildings and could be an ideal attraction for those enjoying London hotel deals. Visitors can climb to the top of the dome, see the tombs of Lord Nelson and Cardinal Wolsey and enjoy a more relaxing afternoon tea in the cathedral’s restaurant.

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