New Henri Matisse exhibition to open at the Tate Modern

When it comes to modern art, there are few galleries on Earth that can compete with London’s Tate Modern in terms of the number of world-class exhibitions it holds each year, with works by some of the most significant figures in contemporary art being displayed at the famous venue.

While the Tate has helped to lead the way by showcasing the creations of groundbreaking and up-and-coming artists, it also regularly holds collections of those who helped to lay the foundations of modern art, and an upcoming exhibition of works by the great Henri Matisse should provide some extremely interesting viewing for anyone with a propensity for the genre.

Tate Modern

Often ranked alongside the likes of Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp as one of the trailblazers who helped to revolutionise the plastic arts, Matisse is well known for his bold use of colour and his original drawing style.

Although most commonly thought of as a painter, he did in fact cover several different artistic disciplines, including sculpture and printmaking – and this latest exhibition will be focussing on the cut-outs that he produced towards the end of his life, at a time when physical disability hindered his ability to paint.

Entitled Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs, the display is set to open on April 17th and will run until September 7th, with the collection having been curated by Nicholas Cullinan.

Featuring more than 120 pieces, it will demonstrate the artist’s amazing ability to use colour and form in a way that is both striking and deeply meaningful, with works such as The Snail (1953), Jazz (1947) and the enormous Large Composition with Masks (1953) being just a few of the incredible pieces on show.

The Tate Modern is located on the South Bank of the Thames, just across Millennium Bridge from St Paul’s Cathedral, which itself can be accessed via the Central Line of the London Underground – just a few stops from the Montcalm Hotel.

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