Olympic Judo hope puts in odd practice

British Judo hope Chris Sherrington has been putting in the extra practice he needs to win a medal but in a rather odd place.

The Royal Marine admits that he does fight in his sleep and as a result he often disturbs his sleeping wife.

Measuring 6ft 5in and weighing 21 stone the gold medal hope is an unfair match for his 5ft 3in partner, who weighs just nine stone.

Zoe Redhead explained to the Daily Record: “I woke up one night and Chris had his huge paw of an arm around me in a headlock. He’s a big unit and I couldn’t move. I was trapped and didn’t have a clue what to do because he was asleep.

“I remembered what judo players do and tapped him three times on the shoulder and he immediately released me like he would in a ­competition. He asked me if he’d won and when I told him he had, he rolled over and went back to sleep. That’s how dedicated he is.”

Judo has been an Olympic sport since the1964 Games in Tokyo. It has developed from jujitsu and involves five minute bouts with a variety of throws and holds.

The venue for the London 2012 Games is the ExCeL Centre and there will be 14 medals awarded in seven weight categories for men and seven for women, starting on July 28th.

Visitors staying in hotel accommodation in London with tickets to the judo competition can travel to ExCeL via the Docklands Light Railway stopping at Custom House or West Silverton stations.

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