Olympic opening ceremony ‘tightened up’

The opening ceremony of the Olympics Games is to be adapted to ensure that spectators will be able to get public transport back to their The Montcalm London hotels.

Director Danny Boyle has been requested to ensure that the spectacular show will not overrun so that people will be able to travel back from the venue easily.

Rehearsals are continuing for the epic event and it has been concluded that it could last longer than its planned three-hour time. Therefore, the difficult decision to cut a ten minute section featuring stunt bikes has been made.

The main reason for shortening the show was made to ensure that people would be able to travel home from the Olympic Park using public transport.

Organisers have confirmed that the London Underground network will remain open until 2.30am on the morning of July 28th to ensure that there are no problems if there is are any delays with the show.

London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games director of communications, Jackie Brock-Doyle, explained: “The opening ceremony is not actually being cut. It starts at nine o’clock, it is going to finish between 12 and 12:30am, as we have said all along.

“Currently it is running slightly over that, so we need to make sure it fits within the slot we always said it was going to fit into. So, what’s actually happening is, it’s tightening up.”

Boyle recently revealed some details of the show and also praised the 10,000 volunteers, crew and cast that will be involved in the ambitious spectacular in just over a week’s time.

A total of 2,956 props and 23,000 costumes will be used in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics and the Paralympics, with the opening ceremony costing around £27 million to produce.

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