Olympics to help boost investment

A series of meetings during the Olympics could help to boost investment in London and the rest of the UK.

Over 4,000 business leaders and politicians will be making use of meeting venues in London to discuss the possibility of investing in the country.

UK Trade and Investment will be hosting 17 events aimed at showcasing the best of British business. It is expected that leaders from key companies such as Google, HSBC and the European Central Bank will be attending.

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg said: “The Olympics presents us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to boost the UK’s growth potential. Our world-beating innovation in green technology and advanced manufacturing are on show for a vast global audience, and today we can be proud of those achievements.

“Britain needs and must cultivate an investor-friendly economy. It’s not just for us but about a shared prosperity – mutual business deals globally.”

Overall, the aim is to encourage around £13 billion to be invested in the UK.

Recent research by Lloyds TSB International estimated that the Olympics will attract around 385,000 expats to return to the country this summer as they feel the need to celebrate the experience.

The largest number of overseas Brits will be travelling from Spain and it is estimated that 275,000 expats have purchased tickets to Olympic events, with many taking advantage of London hotel deals during their stay.

According to the study, many overseas Brits believe the Games will play a crucial part in boosting the UK’s image abroad. A total of 66 per cent of people involved in the research felt that it would enhance the image of Britain in their country of residence.

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