Opera, Music and Coffee at Covent Garden

I was in London last month for around a week and had planned to see the most beautiful and happening places in London within the first 4 days. All the royal gardens and palaces were on top of my list. So after knocking down the likes of Kensington Garden and Hyde Park, I heard of Covent Garden. At first I thought it is another royal garden but as it turns out it is nothing like a garden. As surprised as I was, I was pretty content that it did not turn out to be just another pretty garden with flowers, trees and lake, because what this place had to offer was quite interesting. The Montcalm London Marble Arch Hotel is nearest hotel from Covent Garden offers luxury accommodation to guest.

Royal Opera House London
It turned out to be a combination of so many things like a popular Square and an opera house. The Royal Opera House, one of the most revered performance centres in the city sits there pretty majestically. The presence of the London Transport Museum makes Covent Garden one of the most visited attractions of London.

But still I wasn’t impressed by what this place had to offer. I reached early so I had to witness empty streets and halls. Only place which was slightly crowded was the front of St. Paul’s Church.

Church visit got over in about 5 minutes and I was left wondering what to do next. I was suggested that I should definitely visit the market in the square. The first market which was set in this place was way back in 1654. Since then things have changed a lot and the nature of the markets that now exists is pretty different. Instead of fruit and vegetables, now these markets sold craft, art and other such stuff, which are perfect for buying souvenirs.

Covent Garden
The presence of cafes here makes it a popular meeting place. But it is not just the cafes that interest people. As you are sitting in these halls, sipping coffee, you will be able to witness some amazing performance by opera singers, musicians, magicians and other artists. Just as I finished my first cup of coffee, a couple of Opera Singers presented a beautiful performance which forced me to buy another cup of cappuccino. The halls there create an echo effect, providing these artists a nice auditorium feel. I would love to go again there and be the audience to these lovely performances one more time.

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