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Enjoy the vibrant nightlife that London has to offer

London is a city of many facts. There is something for everybody who visits the city, whether they are regular visitors or first time travellers. To begin with, the city is known for its historical landmarks and magnificent heritage sites, … Continue reading

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Tips To Find the Best London Hotel Rooms at a Great Price

If you are planning on a holiday to London, staying in a great hotel room can make all the difference between having a wonderful holiday or an average experience. The chances are if you have a spacious, well appointed room … Continue reading

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Ten Habits of Unsuccessful Wedding Organizer

Enlisting an occasion organizer has quit as the best choice for any event. They will handle the whole game plans and make all the essential courses of action according to your financial plan. You can even contract an organizer from … Continue reading

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Romantic London Hotels with Five-Star Room Service

If you are planning your honeymoon in London, you have to make sure that you stay in one of the best hotels in London. There are many options from which you can choose, but one of the best hotels is … Continue reading

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10 Things to Know Before Planning a Sustainable Event

If you are planning, an event there should be certain things that you should take into consideration before you decide to plan an event. Here are certain things that should be given a thought to. 1. Environment safety is important- … Continue reading

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London at its best for historical monuments

London has always been a part for a perfect destination for holidays. It has many major attractions for tourist. History is probably the main reason that people visit London; you would find some story in every streets and corner or … Continue reading

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You can now book the best meeting rooms in London

Are you searching for the best meeting rooms in the hotels in London? Do you want to know more about the hotel rooms in London that can be used for the business meetings and conferences? There are usually a hundred … Continue reading

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Watch films while mingling with the stars at Madame Tussauds

London has always been a good place for a bit of star-spotting, with many of the world's biggest A-list celebs either living or hanging out in the city. Of course, if you don't manage to track any down then there's … Continue reading

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Experience classical Indian music on the South Bank

London’s South Bank has for many years had a reputation as a global hub of culture, with all genres of art represented here, from music to theatre and everything in between. Performers and artists from around the world regularly appear … Continue reading

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Get under the skin of the capital at Open House London

Aside from all of the fantastic interactive attractions that London has to offer, one thing that makes the city so special is its appearance, boasting one of the most impressive and iconic skylines in the world. However, while being surrounded by such an amazing mix of historic and cutting edge buildings may be a real thrill for some visitors, the truth is that most people know very little about the architecture of London.

If you'd like to really get under the skin of the city and learn all about London's design and architecture then Open House London could well be the event for you. Since its inception back in 1992, it has become one of the most intriguing and popular weekends on the capital's cultural calendar, and is full of fascinating highlights that are as interesting to locals as they are to tourists.

Essentially, Open House is all about opening up the doors to the city's private buildings, giving the public a chance to catch a glimpse of the insides of some of the structures that feature so prominently on the famous London skyline. This is complimented by a series of guided walks, talks and other activities to help provide further insight into the history and architecture of the buildings and the city as a whole.

Taking place on September 20th and 21st, this year's edition of Open House will once again see a huge number of fantastic buildings take part in the initiative. Most of these are totally free to enter and no reservations are required, although access to the most popular venues will be available only to the winners of a ballot.

Among these is 10 Downing Street, the home of the prime minister. So, if you fancy taking a walk around the private residence of the one of the most high-profile heads of state in the world, be sure to enter the ballot now.

Of course, after seeing some of London's most elegant buildings, you'll want to make sure you have somewhere equally stylish to stay, which is why the Montcalm London Marble Arch is the perfect hotel to check into.

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Step into the world of Sherlock Holmes in London

Ever since Arthur Conan Doyle first introduced the world to Sherlock Holmes at the end of the 19th century, the famous sleuth has remained at the forefront of popular culture, solving mysteries both on the page and the screen, and captivating readers and audiences around the globe.

However, while Holmes and his sidekick Watson may have a reputation for being able to crack even the toughest of cases, the fact remains that the characters remain somewhat shrouded in mystery themselves, with very few people being aware of the detective's background.

For instance, what inspired Conan Doyle to create him, and what elements of Victorian society is he supposed to represent.

The good news is that all will be revealed later this year, thanks to a fantastic new exhibit at the superb Museum of London, dedicated entirely to Sherlock Holmes.

Opening on October 17th and running for six months, the display will transport visitors back to Victorian London, enabling them to step into the world of the famous detective and discover exactly what it is that makes him tick.

Using photography, early film, paintings and original artefacts, the exhibit – which is the first to focus exclusively on Sherlock Holmes in more than 60 years – aims to shed light on the influences which led Arthur Conan Doyle to create the crime-solving duo.

At the same time, the display will attempt to enlighten visitors as to how Holmes has remained so popular even to this day, by indicating the ways in which he relates to our lives and appeals to our imaginations, more than a century after he was first created.

The Museum of London is located within the so-called Square Mile of the City of London, and is surrounded by a number of Victorian buildings that provide the perfect backdrop to a journey into the world of Sherlock Holmes.

It is also easily accessible from many of London's top hotels, so there really is no excuse not to visit when this fantastic exhibit is on.

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Learn all about how The Simpsons and Futurama are made at the Science Museum

The Simpsons and Futurama are two of the most popular animated television shows ever created, and the fact that they are written and produced by the same team is no coincidence. Indeed, the makers of these two cultural phenomena have … Continue reading

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