Park Lane Hotels To Enjoy Your London Visit

Park lane is one of the busiest streets in London. Located in the heart of the city and running between the Hyde Park and the Marble Arch, both of which are famous tourist attractions, and just three fourth of a mile long, it is a vital lane of the city and provides connection to almost all of the major places in London, which makes it a favorite choice for those visiting London on vacation and even among those on business and intend to see some parts of London in between.

The Park Lane is thus one of the tourist favorite for booking accommodation. This has resulted in numerous hotels coming up in the small street. The Park Lane hotels are some of the finest you can get in all of London. There are the super luxurious five star hotels as well as the cheaper hotels that can fit into the budget of those with a smaller budget. The major five star Park Lane hotels include The Hilton, The Dorchester Hotel, The Grosvenor House of the famous JW Marriott hotel chain, The Intercontinental Hotel Park Lane. These wonderful luxurious hotels adorn the street and provide an option to spend a few days enjoying royal treat. They are known for their stunning interiors as well as the world class facilities being provided by them to their guests. They will give you the luxury of a King. But those within a smaller budget need not worry about getting an accommodation. There are cheaper Park Lane hotels available which is going to suit your budget. Though cheap never means a bad quality service and though it might not be a royal treat, definitely it isn’t something that is of poor quality. The Park Hotel London is one such cheap accommodation run by a family where you can get a real cheap deal and a very homely and friendly atmosphere.



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