Political intrigue drama This House to open up in London

The year is 1974 and the UK is facing economic crisis and a hung parliament. In a culture that somehow disapproves of cooperation, the political powers must use all of their wits to get things pushed through.

Set in the engine rooms of Westminster, James Graham’s This House strips politics down to its rawest form and audiences are brought in on the little secrets behind the scenes.

The whips that roll up their sleeves and on occasion bend the rules to shepherd and coerce a diverse chorus of MPs within the mother of all parliaments are displayed to everyone in the audience.

London National Theatre
It is set for a short nine-week stay at the National Theatre from March 7th and will last until May 15th, so if you are interested in watching this show, you will need to ensure you book stays in one of the many Mayfair hotels London sooner rather than later.

The Guardian’s Matt Trueman said of the play upon seeing it: “This House is a thoroughbred crowdpleaser. Director Jeremy Herrin works wonders with Graham’s neat rat-a-tat gags.

“There’s strong support from Phil Daniels, Vincent Franklin and Julian Wadham as characterful chief whips and from Lauren O’Neill as junior whip Ann Taylor, one of the female MPs ushering a fresh breeze through parliament’s dusty corners.”

This could be the perfect accompaniment to a weekend spent in London and tickets for one of the performances will be available from as little as £12, while the best seats in the house will set visitors back just £47.

Getting to the venue shouldn’t provide too many problems for people staying in a London hotel as the National Theatre is situated just a short walk away from Southwark and Waterloo Tube stops.

Alternatively, Temple and Embankment Tube stations are a short stroll away across the Waterloo Bridge.

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