Praise given for Olympic venues

An Olympic Eventing cross-country course designer has praised the Greenwich Park venue.

Sue Benson described the Olympic location as “inspirational” and believes that it will prove a great course for the Olympic riders on July 30th.

“The trees and the roads got in the way of my vision, but I then realised what a unique site it was,” explained the top course designer.

She added: “I struggled with the initial concept, but saw that it could be something very special. It’s an inspirational site. I wanted to represent the park and London.”

The 6km course will present a series of tight corners and twists to the event riders over a ten minute lap making it an exciting competition for those people staying in luxury London hotels who have tickets.

Meanwhile, the world’s leading archers have been taking part in the preliminary ranking round at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

All 128 competitors in the archery competition are involved in the event that decides seedings for both the team and individual rounds.

Team GB’s Simon Terry has already taken part in a practice session at the famous venue and added: “We hope being the host nation brings us an advantage, but we’re just going to keep our cool out there.”

At a test event held at the venue last year, World Archery general secretary Tom Dielen praised the location for the competition and added that all the “athletes, staff and volunteers all fell in love with Lord’s and we can’t wait for Lord’s to become the home of Archery next summer”.

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