Quentin Blake celebrated in new exhibit

One of Britain’s most well-known and respected illustrators, Quentin Blake, is set to become the focus of a new exhibit at the Foundling Museum.

Set to open its doors to the public January 9th, the Larger Than Life exhibit will explore the life and work of the iconic artist, ideal for fans staying in luxury hotels London.

“Quentin Blake is one of Britain’s best-loved and most successful illustrators,” explained the venue.

“Well known for illustrating stories by Roald Dahl, Blake was Britain’s first Children’s Laureate.”

In addition to his past work, the new exhibit will also showcase his recent illustrations for hospitals in the UK and France, which have been designed to have a therapeutic effect on their patients.

The sixty works on display come from work done for hospitals, including a children’s hospital and a maternity hospital as well as an institution for young people with eating disorders and one for older patients with mental health issues.

“I think the very presence of pictures helps to make being in, or visiting a hospital a more normal, less alien experience,” explained the artist himself.

“What I have tried to include is a certain amount of detail, some interesting activities, and some suggestions of the little drama of relationships, so that the viewers – especially any who have to wait – may feel the desire to go on looking and perhaps even to speculate about the stories happening in front of them.”

Alongside his illustrations, people can enjoy permanent fixtures at the venue such as paintings by William Hogarth, who donated his work to the Foundling Museum in the 1740s.

Ideal for art lovers staying at central London hotels, the venue also hosts the Gerald Coke Handel Collection, the largest privately-owned collection of Handel memorabilia.

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