Richard Hamilton exhibition opens at the Tate Modern

Art fans across the world are currently looking on with envy at the lucky residents of London, whose city seems time and again to prove itself the very greatest place on Earth for top-class exhibitions, featuring works by the most celebrated artists ever to have lived.

In case you needed convincing, the Tate Modern – which is arguably the number one modern art gallery in the world – has this weekend (February 16th) opened a brand new exhibition showcasing the works of British painter and collage artist Richard Hamilton.

Known as the founding father of pop art, Hamilton’s creations set the tone for one of the most iconic artistic movements of the 20th century, with the likes of Andy Warhol listing the highly celebrated Brit as among his greatest influences.

Tate Modern

Perhaps the most famous piece of pop art ever created was Hamilton’s collage entitled ‘Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing’, which he produced for the 1956 exhibition This is Tomorrow, and set the tone for the trend that was to sweep the art world over the course of the following decade.

Winner of several prestigious awards and titles including the likes of the John Moores Contemporaty Painting Prize, the William and Noma Copley Foundation Award and a range of others – Hamilton’s career has been celebrated by art lovers across the globe for more than 60 years.

With the man himself having passed away back in 2011, his fans have been waiting for a retrospective exhibition of his works to be curated, and London’s premier contemporary art gallery has now taken up that cause, with the display set to run until May 26th.

So, if you want to experience some of the most pioneering works ever dreamt up then get yourself down to the Tate, which is on the South Bank.

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