Riding the Colourful London Underground

It is cheap, it is fast, it is always available, the London Underground or the Tube is undoubtedly the best way to travel. It is spread across the city like veins in a body and performs the same job too, connecting the entire system, transporting the all vital workforce of the city to the remotest of locations. For the 10 days I was in London on a business holiday, the Tube was my daily adventure as travelling in cabs everyday would have bankrupted me in a week. Plus, I somehow liked travelling in the tube. A whole sea of different personalities would swarm the platforms of the London Underground, providing possibly the best platform to observe.

Trains have a frequency of about 3 or 4 minutes. Waiting for the train almost feels like waiting on the battlefield, ready to let go on one command. The only difference is that here each passenger is your enemy. It is like ‘the last train’, which will let you escape from a certain zombie apocalypse. You can see the anticipation on the people’s faces when the train arrives and as soon as the doors open, everyone barges in without caring for the people who are de-boarding.

London Tube
Carrying a bag or a suitcase really helps because when you are standing in the packed bogey, the only thing that separates you and the nearby stranger is your bag, which will allow you an inch or two’s space or may be just prevent an embarrassing touch. No matter how scary the picture may sound to you right now, it is rather fun once you realise that millions of Londoners and tourists do this every day and the amount of time you will save can be put to good use.

And the mad rush can totally be avoided if you do not travel at office hours. The mornings and evenings are tough to handle but otherwise in the daytime you can travel conveniently. You can see so many shades of the city in this amazing public transport, friends sharing office gossip, love blooming somewhere, buskers playing music in the background, a lonely stranger observing others, a happy soul who is dying to talk to anyone who makes an eye contact and what not. A ride of the tube is a must have London experience.

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