Romance a partner in London

As Valentine’s Day looms closer, husbands and boyfriends may want to consider booking rooms at spa hotels in London, as pampering treatments were listed as one of the top 30 mood boosters.

Ideal for those searching for activities during romantic London getaways, a spa package could be the perfect way to boost a loved one’s health and score significant brownie points.

While being pampered and massaged at luxury spas in London, expert Geraldine Howard, of Aromatherapy Associates, suggests soaking in a tub with fragrant oils.

“Frankincense oil helps relax the diaphragm where stress – which can weaken the immune system – is often held,” she told

“Pure lavender oil is also a good immune boost. Add eight drops to a bath with a drop of milk to help it disperse in the water.”

People’s top mood-boosters were outlined in a survey of 3,000 participants by spirits-maker Three Barrels Brandy.

Going on holiday ranked at number two, followed by getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets – both little pleasures can be fulfilled by planning a visit to 5 star hotels in London.

Gents may also want to crack out the credit card and snap up some choice gifts as being surprised with flowers was also highly ranked.

Furthermore, walking in a park and having a picnic proved to be a popular activity for de-stressing and lightening moods.

Hotels in Marble Arch provide ample opportunity for strolling in the capital’s many parks, including the world-famous nearby Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Regent’s Park.

While on the picnic, savvy partners can cram in a few other popular mood-enhancing treats, such as chocolates, eating cake, sitting in the sun and cuddles.

This might also be a great opportunity to propose going on a romantic night out, another experience voted into the listings, with London offering an array of theatres, restaurants and attractions.

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