Scott and Shackleton South Pole exhibition

With numerous exhibitions and events around the capital dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Captain Scott’s fatal journey to the South Pole, The Heart of the Great Alone collection in the Queen’s Gallery continues to offer a fantastic look at the original photography of the early 20th Century expeditions in Antarctica.

The exhibition contains photographs from the separate voyages led by Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton as both vied to be the first to reach the South Pole.

It was Scott that was the first to make it to the explorers’ promised land, but that was where his journey ended as the frozen wilderness claimed his life in 1912.

Shackleton’s 1914 expedition was doomed to failure when the ice crushed his ship, but the tale of his men’s endurance and survival is now legendary.

Both of the famed explorers had photographers document their perilous journeys – Herbert Ponting with Scott and Frank Hurley with Shackleton – and it is these photos that resurrect the hardships both crews faced in their quests.

The collection can be seen in the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingam Palace, giving those staying in any of the nearby Montcalm Hotels London the chance to experience the exhibition first hand.

Containing everything from the frozen, ice worn faces of the men who braved some of the world’s harshest conditions to the stunning landscapes in Antarctica, the photographs tell the story of the two voyages in vivid detail.

Such a fantastic collection is likely to appeal to vast numbers of people, and with some of the top hotels in London not too far away, many could be tempted to take a trip to the capital to take advantage of the display.

The photography is widely regarded as the best, most valuable source to gain as clear a picture as possible of the experience of two of the most infamous explorers of Antarctica.

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