See some of the brightest design talent in the UK in London

When spending a weekend in luxury hotels in London for a weekend, there can often be a lot of debate surrounding what exactly it is you will be doing in the capital.

Such is the wide array of activities open to people spending time in the city, it can sometimes seem you haven’t got enough time to do everything – especially if you go to some of the more popular attractions where you will have spend plenty of time queuing.

There are surely fewer people that will want to spend half of their trip standing in a long line for something, so why not try an event that is a little bit different?

One thing that could entice any art lovers staying in the city in April is the annual Made exhibition at the Morley Gallery.

Running from April 1st to 25th, this year’s work has been created by the college’s students from the fashion, digital design and film and photography departments.

It is a joint exhibition that displays the wide range of processes and techniques that go into printmaking and ceramics creating.

The scale of the work produced also allows for both disciplines to shine in this unique exhibition. Visitors will have the chance to view and purchase from a large selection of showcases during the exhibition, which is set to be in situ from April 1st to 25th.

It is a completely free event, meaning it is an absolute bargain that you won’t want to miss out on.

Luckily, visitors to the city will find that getting to the exhibition isn’t too much of a problem as it is situated a short walk away from the Lambeth North Tube station.

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