See the new Adam de Boer exhibition in London

The Riflemaker will be playing host to the debut solo exhibition from talented artist Adam de Boer, who will be drawing on his Indonesian heritage with elements of Javanese folk art and other platforms incorporated.

It will open at the gallery on April 4th and will be in situ there until December 31st, meaning people have got plenty of time to plan a visit around the exhibition while staying in luxury suites in London.

People will be able to see his Indonesian heritage brought to life with paints using gouache and oil incorporating elements of wood carving and textiles into his work to give a really unique feel.

The artist has previously been the recipient of the Arts For India scholarship in 2012 and also exhibited some of his work at ART 13 in London last month.

“The ongoing series of work examines my Eurasian heritage as a way to help me better understand a part of my cultural identity that I have had trouble connecting to throughout my life. Most importantly, it is helping me to know how that identity influences my participation in the world,” de Boer said of his works.

He graduated from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California in 2006 and has previously received awards from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities in order to help him develop his work. Last year he participated in a studio residency at the International Institute of Fine Arts in Modinagar, India.

People won’t want to traipsing around the city too much trying to find the gallery and luckily they won’t have to as it is situated just a short walk away from the Piccadilly Circus Tube station.

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