Sooty and Sweep return to London for Christmas

Famous puppets Sooty, Sweep and Soo are again performing in the capital during the festive period.

The Duchess Theatre will be presenting Sooty in Space until January 5th next year and the show is expected to be popular with families enjoying Christmas breaks at central London hotels.

The puppet show will be hosted by Richard Cadell and makes use of a whole range of theatre effects to present a thrilling show that can be enjoyed by children and adults. All of the audience are presented with special space goggles so they can enjoy 3D action and have a reminder of their visit.

There will be a number of new characters in the show including Dancing Martians and the Giant Triplod as well as imaginative backdrops such as a Space Station. Those seating near the front may also want to take precautions when the ray gun appears as it is capable of shooting water for around 40 feet.

For nearly 50 years, Sooty and his friends have made appearances on various London stages and their popularity remains high.

Richard Cadell said: “The Sooty theatre show was an institution during the 70s and 80s and we are hoping that the children of those eras will bring their children along to enjoy the next instalment of Sooty in the West End.”

Seats are expected to sell out quickly so people are being advised to purchase tickets as soon as possible. Entrance for adults costs £12.50 and £10 for children.

The Duchess Theatre is close to Covent Garden London Underground station and the venue is one of the West End’s smaller theatres so ideal for younger children who are new to the theatre experience.

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