Spare Parts exhibition arrives for Paralympics

A new exhibition featuring prosthetic limbs turned into pieces of art is coming to London during the Paralympic Games.

The exhibition was created by Priscilla Sutton in Australia in 2010 and visitors staying in 5 Star Hotels London now have the chance to see the unusual art in the Brick Lane area of the city.

Sutton explained to BBC News that the idea for the show came when she was clearing out her old limbs in Brisbane, Australia.

She said: “They are a part of your body, so you don’t really like to chuck them away. And there are rules about disposing of old limbs – you can’t just put them in the bin.”

“I realised how many other limbs must be in cupboards and sheds across the country and around the world. So I started asking around and the idea grew and grew and became this exhibition.”

The new exhibition will feature 43 artworks that have been created by a number of top artists such as Andrew Logan, Beastman, Dan Hillier and Elisa Jane Carmichael. Celebrity tattooists have also been involved with Henry Hate and Louis Molloy, known for their work with Amy Winehouse and David Beckham, also put their unique take on the pieces.

Visitors enjoying London getaways will be able to see Spare Parts at The Rag Factory, Brick Lane from August 25th to September 9th. The gallery space is a short walk from Whitechapel main line and London

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