Stay fit while visiting London

One thing many people worry about when they go away is putting on weight, as most of us tend to let our hair down a little when on a break, eating more than we otherwise might and not doing much exercise.

However, this needn’t be the case when visiting London, as the capital provides a huge number of opportunities to get active while enjoying its many sights and attractions, meaning you’ll be able to burn calories as you go.


Indeed, the city contains more green space than any other capital in the world, which means there are plenty of jogging routes for you to enjoy. Hyde Park, for example, is popular among tourists looking to burn a little energy, and with the possibility to choose a path that passes by the famous Kensington Gardens as well as crossing the picturesque bridge over the Serpentine, it’s a wonderful way to see some of London’s most iconic landmarks.

Regent’s Park, meanwhile, is another excellent place to go jogging, and is found right in the heart of the city, so taking a quick run – or even just a stroll – through it is actually a way place to get from A to B. For example, if you’re in Camden Town and want to visit Baker Street, simply take a route through this stunning park rather than hopping on the tube. You’ll find the journey much more enjoyable this way and will get some exercise at the same time.

There are also a number of public swimming areas in several of London’s parks, including the Lido at London Fields in Hackney and the swimming baths at Hampstead Heath. If you fancy a dip in the open air then these are both great options.

Remember, too, that the Boris Bike scheme allows tourists and locals alike to get around London on two wheels even if they don’t own a bicycle themselves, and this is a much healthier and often more enjoyable mode of transport than the bus or the tube.

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