Step back in time with a new app

Tourists may soon come flocking to The Montcalm Hotels London with iPads in tow as a new app offers the opportunity to expose the centuries of history buried beneath each road in the capital.

Time Travel Explorer for Apple’s popular tablet device allows people to explore the city in unique way, blending state of the art GPS technology with antique maps that trace a route through the capital’s past.

It is a city steeped in history, ideal for culture vultures staying in luxury London hotels, and this new app will allow visitors to immerse themselves in that rich heritage.

“See how the city has changed as fields gave way to houses, slums to mansions, artisans’ workshops to office blocks,” commented the software company.

Historic maps are presented in full HD, with the London iteration featuring four of the most important documents from the city’s past.

Furthermore, there are over 2,000 photographs from different periods in London’s history, dating back a century, allowing a street level view of old England.

Tourists can relax in the knowledge that they’ll miss nothing that London has to offer as over 750 points of interest are highlighted by the interactive guide, such as Berwick Street Market, Big Ben and Blackfriars Bridge.

These highlights contain historical facts and full descriptions, while users of the app can chose to turn on the commentary track through a pre-programmed route and enjoy a personal tour that they can pause, skip and rewind on.

Visitors won’t be lacking in choice if they opt for a guided tour, as the iPad programme comes replete with over 150 different paths.

“Besides the app itself the download includes full details of 750 points of interest, 150 audio guides plus a further hour’s worth of audio tour information, 1500 photos and an initial map stored in great detail,” explained the company.

“We chose to bundle all these with the app so that once it is installed you can use it immediately without depending on network coverage or the cellular network.”

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