Step into the world of the Doctor at Wembley Arena

Fans of the hugely popular sci-fi show Doctor Who will no doubt be interested to hear about a thrilling event that is set to take place at Wembley Arena next year.

Indeed, there may be around 11 months to go until the curtain raises on this incredible show, but with tickets having gone on sale today (August 1st), now is the time start making plans for a trip to London.

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales – renamed the Doctor Who Symphonic Orchestra for the day – will be taking to the stage at the famous venue on May 23rd 2015, with conductor Ben Murray leading the ensemble as they perform music from the latest series of the show.

Much of the music being played has been composed by Murray Gold, who has been associated with the programme ever since it returned to British television screens in 2005, with his scores becoming an integral part of the drama.

As fans of the show will no doubt be aware, the new series of Doctor Who will see Matt Smith replaced by Peter Capaldi as the Doctor himself, and, as is always the case when a new Time Lord appears on the scene, interest is set to peak.

This is therefore the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with the magical world of the time-travelling hero, and will provide a chance to get a feel for what the new actor is set to bring to the role.

Indeed, music will be accompanied by footage of some of the new episodes, giving audience members a taste of how Capaldi’s acting merges with the other elements of the mise-en-scene in order to bring the Doctor’s personality to life and heighten the on-screen tension.

Be warned, however, that Daleks and other nasty creatures from the show will be present at Wembley Arena on the night too, so you’ll need to be brave if you fancy attending this amazing show.

Wembley is easily accessed from the Montcalm London Marble Arch using the Jubilee Line of the London Underground network.

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