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Top tips for saving money when staying in Lndon Hotels

There’s a certain air of luxury surrounding staying at one of Montcalm’s London city hotels, and with this comes the myth that to stay in such extravagance would be extremely costly. However, there are a couple of effective ways to … Continue reading

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London – City of some of the most historic homes in Europe

If you are on a holiday it is wise to draw up a schedule or travel itinerary of the places you plan to visit. This will help you enjoy the sightseeing which will be based on your area of interests … Continue reading

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Time Out offers tips on what not to do in London

London is one of the world’s most vibrant, exciting and creative cities, with no two visits to the capital are ever being the same, and there’s always loads going on to keep people of all ages and interests entertained. However, … Continue reading

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Falling in Love with London

London has been a part of my bucket list along with places like Paris, Rome and Egypt since forever. I had a habit of collecting photographs and postcards of different places and adding the most beautiful or appealing ones to … Continue reading

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Opera, Music and Coffee at Covent Garden

I was in London last month for around a week and had planned to see the most beautiful and happening places in London within the first 4 days. All the royal gardens and palaces were on top of my list. … Continue reading

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Enjoy Star Treatmentat a Premier London Spa Hotel

The 21st century society is a busy one, where professional progression and family life commitments constantly vie for our attention, leaving us feeling tired and torn. In a world where time is money, and life is played out on a … Continue reading

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Let your stress melt away on a superior spa day

Spa treatments and spa day experiences have never been more popular, with men and women up and down the country seeking solace away from their busy schedules and hectic lifestyles. Originally designed for use by men in Ancient Rome and … Continue reading

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A leisurely afternoon around Great Cumberland Place

Many visitors are drawn to stay in accommodation around Marble Arch because the area offers five star hotels in a convenient location. Montcalm London Marble Arch for example, is a luxury hotel located at Great Cumberland Place, at the top … Continue reading

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Considering a beach holiday? Sample the ultimatein relaxation closer to home

When considering your summer holiday destination, your mind may be immediately drawn to visions of pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and a palm tree or two waving in the breeze, however don’t discount the wonderful hotels on offer … Continue reading

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Treat your taste buds to decadent culinary delights this summer

It is official, Summer time is finally here and people from across the globe will flock to the UK to experience everything great and British that our historic country has to offer. There is no summer quite like an English … Continue reading

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Mayfair: An Indulgent Experience

What does Mayfair have to offer the luxurious traveller? The highest quality of goods from well-established brands as well as incredible services to make one feel pampered and renewed. There is a long list of offerings in this part of … Continue reading

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Why Afternoon Tea in London is a Must-Do for Every Tourist

Taking afternoon tea has become a must-do activity for tourists in recent years. The popularity of this pursuit has led to an explosion in the number of establishments that offer high tea.Just why are tourists so obsessed with this quintessentially … Continue reading

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