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Roam London via helicopter

While the views from the London Eye and The Shard are nothing but spectacular (how could they not be in such a beautiful city?), there is another way in which you can really see the London skyline in all its glory, with both landmarks visible also!

How is that possible you say? Well, a trip on the London helicopter is exactly how and we can’t even begin to tell you just how worthwhile it is – not only is it a rather exhilarating and thrill-seeking way to sightsee, but there is no other way to get such astounding views of the city.

The London Helicopter offers a number of trips which begin with London Buzz for 12 minutes, which takes you over the main landmarks in central London, London Sights, which lasts for 18 minutes and flies you from the West to the East of the River Thames. London Max lasts for 30 minutes and is only available through private hire, but offers you more time to take in the breathtaking views of the capital. It is also worth looking to take a helicopter ride at dusk so that you can see London as it lights up at night, which is a truly magical experience.

See London from a different perspective through a helicopter tour and you will fall in love even more with the wonderful city. Fly above Buckingham Palace and see if you can spot the Queen and give her a wave before taking in the wonderful Victoria Memorial – the sheer size of it is magnified from above!

The Royal Albert Hall is an iconic building which is completely unmissable from an aerial view, as its red bricked round-shape really stands out as it faces the Albert Memorial.

Have your cameras ready as you head down the River Thames and try to make out the shape for the opening credits of Eastenders. This view is just phenomenal as you fly past the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and Battersea Power Station to name but a view.

Make sure to really take in the view of St Paul’s Cathedral from the air as it really is so fascinating to see such an historic building set among a rather modern part of the city. Its dome is particularly stunning and well worth taking in from above.

Why not try and see if you can spot fellow thrill seekers crossing the new glass walkway on the Tower Bridge? If you are lucky you may be able to spot a boat passing underneath it too! With the HMS Belfast just before it, this is one of the greatest views of the city that you will ever see.

Feel powerful as you rise even higher than The Shard and see for yourself just how tall and impressive the tall building is before comparing it with the Gherkin, which may be slightly smaller, but nevertheless is just as impressive to see!

The Financial District as a whole is a mighty sight and one which really conveys the economical importance of the capital.

Taking to the skies of London in a helicopter really is a phenomenal experience and one that should not be passed upon. After all, it is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity and you can tell your friends and family that you genuinely did get the best view of London! It is also a very rewarding way to experience and take in the different perspectives of some of the greatest and most recognised landmarks in the world.

If you don’t fancy getting quite that high up in the air while visiting London, then the London Eye is another great option and offers views that spread far and wide across the city. Each rotation of it takes 30 minutes, which gives you enough time to soak in the atmosphere and feel of London. From here you have fantastic views across the River Thames of the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Canary Wharf and St Paul’s Cathedral, to name but a few.

The London Eye also offers a fantastic 4D Experience which allows you to discover London through a variety of multisensory special effects. From bubbles, wind and smell, your senses will be heightened and London will be brought to life in a very unique and exciting way.

As the tallest building in London, it only makes sense that the views from The Shard are out of this world – we have heard that you even get a fantastic view of the city from the toilets! The building itself stands at 310 metres tall and offers three viewing platforms – each of which promise you some jaw dropping sights. If you are really brave, try the open-air floor on Level 72!

The View from The Shard offers you fabulous views of Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and Battersea Power Station to name but a few, and should you have the chance to do so, try and experience it at night.

Of course, if all of the above options give you a dose of vertigo, then play it safe and go for a London tradition by sitting on the top deck of a double decker red bus! We won’t lie, the view isn’t a birdseye one, but it certainly is fun and by touring through the streets of London you will learn so much more about the city than you ever thought possible. It is also a great way to discover areas that you perhaps wouldn’t have thought to have visited otherwise and while it isn’t the same as seeing the city from the sky, the view is still amazing.

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